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PDAC Coding Decision Letters

Dual coding information available at DMEPDAC.com

Full PDAC listing for Advanced Orthopaedics can be downloaded here:Advanced Ortho PDAC Listings

Cervical Collars

20XX Universal Cervical Collar, L0120

Clavicle Support

260X Clavicle Support, L3650

Wrist Supports

R-42X/L-43X Advanced Premium Wrist Brace, L3908
R-34X/L-35X K.S. Lace Wrist Brace, L3908
21001 Neoprene Wrist Wrap Support, L3909
21002 Neoprene Wrist/Thumb Wrap Support, L3999
R17X/L-18X Wrist Brace with Thumb Spica, L3807
4100 AO Universal Wrist Brace, L3916

Thumb Supports

21002 Neoprene Wrist/Thumb Wrap Support, L3999
R17X/L-18X Wrist Brace with Thumb Spica, L3807 (L3809)

Elbow Supports

230X Neoprene Tennis Elbow Sleeve /w Strap, L3701
2320-R / 2330-L, Hinge ROM Elbow Brace, L3760

Arm Slings / Shoulder Immobilizers

220X Velpeau Shoulder Immobilizer, L3660
5100 AO Airplane Shoulder Abduction System, L3670

Ankle Supports

82X-R / 83X-L The Falcon® Ankle Brace, (L1906 / L1971)
442 Air-Gel Ankle Brace, L4350
19-00X0L/19-00X1R Advanced Ankle Helper Hinged Brace, L1906
46XX Swede-O Arch Lok™, L1906
46X Lace-Up Ankle Brace, L1902

Ankle Walkers

320AG Aero Walker™ High Top L4360 (L4361)
320LAG Aero Walker™ Low Top L4360 (L4361)
3X0Z, 3X0LZ Low Profile Ankle Walker, L4386 (L4387)

Night Splints

48XX P.F.S.™ Plantar Fasciitis Stretch Splint, L4396
48X Air Lite Night Splint, L4398

Lumbar Supports

41X-B Lumbo-Lite™ Lumbar Orthosis, L0627
50X-W, 50X-B 10″ Lumbar Sacral Suppt w/ Double Pull Tension Straps, A4466
1200-X Lightweight Spinal Orthosis, L0633
37X Ortholux™, L0637
8000 Transformer™, L0627 (L0642)
8001 Transformer™, L0631 (L0648)
8002 Transformer™, L0637 (L0650)
73X The Weave™ 27, L0627 (L0642)
74X The Weave™ 31, L0631 (L0648)
77X The Weave™ 77, L0637 (L0650)

Knee Braces

60X Hinge Wrap Around Knee Brace, L1820
62X Min-Knee Wrap Hinged Brace, L1832 (L1833)
917 Advanced Hinged R.O.M Knee Brace, L1832
92X F.M.™ Hinged Knee Brace, L1832 (L1833)
93X TM™ Wrap Around Hinged Knee Brace, L1832 (L1833)
The Cross-Fit Universal Hinged Knee Brace®, L1832 (L1833)
The Gator Wrap® Universal Hinged Knee Brace, L1820
900-X / 901-X The Cobra Unloader Knee Brace, L1843 (L1851)

Knee Supports

600 Universal Wrap Around Knee Brace, L1800
33XX Visco-Gel Silicone Knee Brace, L1800
90X Deluxe Hinged Knee Brace, L1810 (L1812)
90XAP Airprene Hinged Knee Support, L1810 (L1812)
30X Sport Knee Sleeve Support, L1825
80X Deluxe Airprene Knee Brace, L1825
81X Sport Lite Knee Brace, L1825

Compression Wear

Ladies Knee High 15-20 Compression, A6530
Ladies Thigh High 15-20 Compression, A6533
Ladies Pantyhose 15-20 Compression, A6539
Maternity Pantyhose 15-20 Compression, A6539

Knee High 20-30 Compression, A6530
Thigh High 20-30 Compression A6533
Ladies Pantyhose 20-30 Compression A6539
Maternity Pantyhose 20-30 Compression A6539

Knee High 30-40 Compression, A6531
Thigh High 30-40 Compression, A6534
Anti-Embolism Knee High 18 Compression, A4500
Anti Embolism Thigh High 18 Compression, A4495

Ladies Support Socks 15-20 Compression, A6530
Mens Support Socks 15-20 Compression, A6530
Mens Support Socks 20-30 Compression, A6530
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